A History Of Driven Performance

Pioneers Of Controlled Torque

Since 1996, Kinematics has provided controlled torque solutions for many industries and applications. KMI’s innovations — specifically, highly available and reliable integrated slew drives—are widely used in industrial and mobile applications, and play an important role in fueling the exponential growth of Utility-Scale Solar installations around the world. Our expertise is extensive. Our leadership, established.


Blazing A Trail on A Global Scale

Worldwide, KMI has four locations, strategically positioned to deliver the most value to our customers. With our corporate headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, we are US-based, unlike many of our competitors. Our innovation hub is located in Huntington Beach, California, where we have access to aerospace resources for testing and skilled talent. Having manufacturing locations in Jiangyin, China, and Nogales, Mexico, provides us the best of both worlds — an optimized global supply chain and a skilled workforce.

A History of Innovation


  • KMI founded; innovates integrated worm / slew drive


  • KMI introduces vertically mounted slew drives


  • KMI introduces integrated adapter slew drives
  • KMI ships over 100,000 solar tracker drives by 2012
  • KMI announces HE Family of solar tracker drives by 2014
  • KMI ships over 200,000 solar tracker drives by 2014


  • KMI introduces integrated raceway slew drives
  • KMI ships over 300,000 solar tracker drives by 2015


  • KMI optimizes performance for solar tracking drives
  • KMI ships over 400,00 solar tracker drives by 2016


  • KMI introduces system-integrated drives (solar and industrial)
  • KMI introduces LP “Low Profile” family of products for mobile lift market
  • KMI ships over 500,000 solar tracking drives by 2017


  • KMI introduces next generation solar tracker drives and rotary damper
  • KMI ships industry’s first internal row solar tracker drive
  • KMI ships over 750,000 solar tracking drives by 2018


  • KMI designs drives with embedded performance sensors and smarts
  • KMI opens Mexico factory to respond to increased North American demand
  • KMI awarded key patent for smart diagnostic technology


  • KMI Integrated planetary gear reducers, highly distributed solar drives