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Environmental, Social, and Governance

Building a Sustainable Future

As a key contributor to the renewable energy industry, Kinematics understands the importance of operating sustainably while creating long-term value for all of our stakeholders.

Our sustainability strategy builds on our background of creating responsible, customer-focused solutions that advance our ambition of protecting and enhancing the future. Guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Kinematics is integrating day-to-day sustainability thinking at all of our locations and operations.

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Kinematics products have supported the generation of 75 Gigawatts of clean solar power since the company was founded in 1996

How we are working to achieve our goals

Our ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) structure ensures that our company monitors progress, implements new ESG-related programs, and remediates any negative impacts that Kinematics may have on the environment or society.

At the center of our efforts is our ESG committee, led by our Chief Operating Officer and comprised of representatives from across the company including Finance, Operations, Sales, Plant Leadership, Product Management, and Engineering.

In 2022, we produced Kinematics’ first-ever ESG report. This was an important milestone for our team, and we continue to build our ESG capabilities. We’ve set goals at our factories to monitor and continuously reduce energy usage, waste from our and our suppliers’ operations, and greenhouse gases. These initiatives not only benefit the environment and our employees, but they provide long-term value for our customers.

Mike Baka // COO, Kinematics

ESG initiative highlights


Kinematics is committed to delivering high-quality, environmentally sustainable products, solutions, and services.

Climate Action

Kinematics has completed our baseline greenhouse gas emissions inventory, including a full inventory of scope 1 and scope 2 emissions, and a screening of scope 3 emissions. This baseline inventory prepares us to set strategic emissions reduction targets and begin working toward reducing our emissions in line with those targets.

We are working on a climate risk analysis to understand the risks climate change poses to our operations and business.

Operational Efficiency

We consider the environmental impact of our products before, during, and after the manufacturing process. Product end-of-life, or what happens to our products post-consumer, is a challenge that Kinematics is committed to helping overcome.

50% of materials used to manufacture Kinematics’ primary products are recycled.


Kinematics is deeply committed to the people we serve. Promoting a healthy, safe, and inclusive work environment where employees are encouraged to enjoy a healthy work-life balance and develop professionally is crucial to our own sustainability journey.

Occupational Health and Wellness

We are a leader in promoting a safe work environment, and have incorporated health and safety into the business through policies and actions. We work to minimize work-related injury and illness, enhance the quality of products and services, improve the consistency of production, and improve worker retention and morale.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Our employees are the most important element in achieving our mission and they are treated with respect, honesty, and integrity regardless of race, sex, national origin, age, and orientation. Diversity provides a wide range of ideas, backgrounds, and talents. We want our employers to feel engaged, valued, and positioned for success.

Supply Chain Engagement

The sustainability of our products starts with the sustainability, traceability, and transparency of our supply chain. We have begun implementing procurement policies and supplier codes of conduct that ensure we are partnering with sustainable suppliers across our operations. 


We aim to continuously improve our products and services to meet our customers’ needs now and in the future. By operating with integrity, ensuring product safety, and managing data privacy and security, we seek to build trust with our customers.

Business Ethics and Human Rights

Kinematics is committed to upholding the highest standard of ethics across our locations and for all employees. Our business ethics policy covers topics related to business integrity, intellectual property, employee protections, and fair market competition, and states our commitment to tracking and continuously improving our business ethics and human rights performance.

We have committed to treating each employee with respect and dignity including in the areas of working hours, freedom of association, prevention of child labor and compulsory labor, and nondiscrimination.

The Kinematics team will continue to do the hard work of delivering on our sustainability goals. We are excited for what is to come and look forward to doing our part to make a better future.