The Challenge

Solar Actuation You Can Bank On

Reliable trackers are essential for today’s utility-scale solar plants, enabling the production yield that plant owners and investors demand. You want actuation that you can trust to deliver reliable operation for the life of the plant, without costly and time-consuming maintenance.

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Nevados Tracker Solution photo by: Jason Perry

The solution

Kinematics delivers proven, reliable, cost-effective technology for solar tracking in the most extreme environmental conditions.

No Grease Guns Required

The latest generation Kinematics ST™ series eliminates expensive truck rolls needed to re-grease drives typical of competitor’s offerings—saving you time and money.

Purpose-Engineered Perfection

Designed in the USA specifically for solar tracking by a team that has produced over two million actuators, our drives are created and tested to last the life of the plant.

Full Range of Sizes and Options

Our solutions are optimized for today’s high-density tracker designs—and can be easily customized to meet the requirements of your specific applications.

Tech & Products

The #1 choice for motion control solutions for the solar tracker industry

Trusted by more solar tracker brands to deliver superior tracking performance, Kinematics’ drives are designed for the rigors and demands of utility-scale solar tracking applications unlike generic actuator alternatives.

Kinematics ST™ Series

The next-gen ST series is the most reliable solar tracker drive ever. Featuring an exclusive maintenance-free, grease-free dry bearing design that delivers 20-50% more holding torque than our HE series, the ST Series allows you to use a smaller size for the same application resulting in cost savings without sacrificing performance. It features a corrosion and UV resistant design, and is environmentally-sealed (IP65).

ST Series Cut Sheet


The ST6 delivers over 25% more max holding torque (20 kN-m) than the HE6 series, in the same 6″ (152mm) package. It features 4 kN-m output torque.


The ST7 offers the same max holding torque in a 7″ (190mm) package as the HE8. It features 6.5 kN-m output torque.


The ST8 delivers a whopping 45 kN-m max holding torque rating in an 8″ (210mm) package. It features 8 kN-m output torque.


The ST9 is our largest solar tracker actuator for the most demanding applications with over 60 kN-m of holding torque. It features 12 kN-m output torque.

Kinematics ONE™

A complete actuation sub-system combining Kinematics drives, motors, and intelligent controls, all in an easy to integrate and commission package.

Matt Kesler // Director of Technoloy