Satellite Solutions

The Challenge

Accurate Satellite Ground Station Positioning with Less Integration Risk

Designing and building a reliable, cost-effective satellite ground station to meet today’s LEO to GEO applications requires proven, easy-to-integrate positioning technology.

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The solution

Kinematics offers a broad range of solutions designed to meet satellite ground station and user terminal reflector positioning requirements.

Multiple Dish Sizes and Axis Positions

We support one, two, and three axis positioning applications for dish sizes ranging from 1.8M to 4M meter. We can also serve sizes outside of that range on a custom basis.

Exactly What You Need

We provide customized positioning components as well as complete, tested, ready-to-integrate solutions for your next project. We’ve got what your application requires.

Performance and Value

Aerospace-grade features, value innovation, and volume honed over two million drives shipped demonstrates our ability to meet your requirements.

Tech & Products

Commercially developed, aerospace capable

Kinematics has produced and deployed millions of solar tracking drives for satcom users. With decades of experience and innovative technology, we can deliver the cost-effective, reliable, solar tracker drives your application demands.

Integrated Solutions

Optimized for today’s constellations, our Kinematics KX™ series are custom engineered as a complete, ready-to-integrate positioning system designed for your next ground station project.

Kinematics KX™ Series KX-6 Integrated Positioner

Optimized for 2.4m class reflectors tracking LEO constellations, this complete X-Y positioner is engineered to track high density LEO orbits with fast slewing at up to 16 degrees per second in short bursts to accurately lock onto the next satellite, minimizing the required number of ground stations. Like all KX series positioners, the Kinematics KX-6 comes pre-integrated with custom-engineered Kinematics motors, encoders, bracketry, and documentation significantly reducing the required design and integration effort.

KX6 Series Cut Sheet

Satellite Positioners

With hundreds of positioners deployed globally, you can rely on the performance and reliability of our solutions.

WDE12B Dual-Axis Wedge Drive

Based on our field-proven KE12 worm drive technology, the WDE series dual-axis is purpose-designed for LEO/GEO applications up to 4m in size and can be easily integrated with an additional KE12 to create a complete EL/AZ/TR positioner solution.

WDE Series Cut Sheet

WDE12A Horizontal Axis Drive

This elevation axis drive is based on the technology in our KE12 worm drive. The WDE series dual-axis is designed for LEO/GEO applications up to 4m in size and can be easily integrated with an additional WDE12B to create a complete EL/AZ/TR positioner solution.

WDE Series Cut Sheet

KDE Dual-Axis Drive

Enabling azimuth and elevation actuation in one complete assembly, the KDE Dual-Axis Drive features fully-enclosed housings for protection from the elements, self-locking gear sets, and 360-degree rotational torque.

KDE Series Cut Sheet

Custom Engineering

Take the guesswork and risk out of your project with a complete positioner that is custom-engineered as a complete ready-to-integrate package including motors, encoders, bracketry, and documentation.

Kinematics is a true partner. They are enthusiastic, listen to our concerns, and are responsive. Having a positioner ready to integrate and low cost is a massive driver. The business development and engineering team have gone above and beyond.

Andrew Wlazlinski // Project Engineer