Dual Axis Slew Drives

Rotating independently around two separate axes at the same time, dual axis slewing drives are capable of accommodating large loads and a wide range of movement.

KDE Dual Axis Slew Drives


KMI’s dual axis slewing drives simultaneously rotate around two independent axes. Offering a wide range of motion and capable of supporting large loads, our KDE series delivers consistent and efficient precision.

The most common application of dual-axis KDE drives is planetary solar trackers, such as heliostats and concentrated photovoltaic, and satellite and radio dishes. Other applications include automotive lifts, robotic arm positioners and stage equipment.

KDE Series Features:

Powered with KMI’s patented hourglass worm technology for reliable accuracy, our KDE series slew drives offer numerous features and advantages.

  • Design allows for azimuth and elevation actuation in one complete assembly
  • Enclosed housings with case seals for improved sealing capability
  • Slew-bearing subassembly
  • 360-degree rotational torque
  • Self-locking gearsets
  • Standard options for metric or imperial mounting threads
  • Multiple input options available
  • Can be purchased with or without a motor
  • Customizable interfaces to match mounting requirements

Specifications for Dual Axis KDE Series

Base model sizes deliver performance ranges from 3,000N-m to 10,000N-m of holding torque, 200N-m to 3,700N-m of output torque, 500N-m to 13,000 N-m of tilting torque, and gearbox reduction ratios of 30:1 up to 156,600:1 on each axis. Drives can be mounted horizontally, vertically or on a combination of multiple axes.

Proven Reliability

KMI’s dual axis slew drives are tested for consistent reliability and come assured with a 30-year field-life of precise 3D positioning. Drives are ISO 9001-, CE-, REACH-, and TUV certified.

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  • KDE Family: Designed for dual axis solar trackers, positioners, satellite and radar dishes.