The Technologists of Torque

With the largest deployed population of slew drives in the world, KMI is uniquely positioned to drive technological innovation and advancement. We have more than 60 patents worldwide and a broad portfolio of intellectual property in this space — achievements inspired by our inquisitive, multi-disciplinary, and innovative culture.

Innovative Technology

Among our many innovations are the first cost-performance-optimized drive for interior and exterior solar rows; smaller, stronger environmentally hardened drives; integrated planetary drives and reducers; rotary damper technology, torque-sensing drives; compound and clutch drives; and the incorporation of motion-control elements such as multiple gear trains, multiple axes, and clutches and brakes.

Hourglass Worm Technology

KMI’s patented hourglass design can withstand a survivability load four to nine times greater than loads carried by conventional slewing drives. Its unique hourglass shape allows more teeth to be engaged at once, for higher torque endurance, more reliability and increased equipment longevity.

Testing And Validation Labs

To validate product performance for customer requirements, KMI Validation Labs in the USA and China provides comprehensive and technologically sophisticated resources for testing. These unique and unmatched predictive capabilities ensure the long-term reliability of our products.

Utility Scale Solar Pioneers

KMI is the recognized leader in slew drive solutions for Utility Scale Solar trackers, advancing successive generations of solar tracker-optimized drives and actuation components. We were the first to innovate vertically mounted rotary solar drives and brought to market the first solar-specific drives with integrated torque-tube adapters. Based on data from our unmatched working field population in concentrated solar, we have been able to innovate extensively in the area of environmental protection.

Advancements In Development

At KMI, we always have multiple new technologies in development. For example, sensors that can determine the condition and projected longevity of the drive throughout its life-cycle, along with the dynamic and static torque present. We are also innovating rotary damper technology for Utility Scale Solar and industrial applications.