Satellite Solutions

Technologically Speaking, The Sky’s the Limit

For satellite-dish manufacturers, precision is everything. Kinematics’ dual-axis slew drives provide proven torque control that can support large loads for extended lifespans. And the support doesn’t stop there.

Reliable Dual Axis Slew Drives for Satellite And Radar Dishes

Proven solutions from the leader in torque control

More and more, satellite-dish manufacturers are turning to slew drives to meet their positioning needs — and KMI’s dual axis drives are the best in the industry. Our drop-in solutions offer unmatched reliability and efficiency for tracking objects and signals in space with high accuracy as the Earth rotates.

Our patented hourglass technology allows for maximum worm gear engagement, accommodating large load capacities. Maintenance-free encasements ensure performance in harsh environments for long lifespans. At KMI Validation Labs, we push those lifespans to the limit, simulating extreme environmental conditions like sand, precipitation, high humidity and direct sunlight.

Proactive support.

In addition to drop-in slew drives, KMI offers custom design and engineering solutions. Our experts are on hand before and after the sale to help you meet challenges and solve problems.

Proven Solutions. Industry Wide

KMI slew drives provide radial and axial-force load holding for the precise positioning required for satellite and radar dishes. Proven worldwide, our solutions are designed and tested to perform reliably in harsh environments.