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Whether it’s for Utility Scale Solar or industrial applications, slew drives are mission-critical components. Companies demand and deserve reliable products — with the global supply chain and product support that go with them. With customized and drop-in solutions, Kinematics is one of the few companies that delivers on all counts.

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Unparalleled Expertise

With more than 60 patents globally, KMI is the leader in rotational motion-control and smart-torque technology, historically trailblazing successive waves of innovation. At 270,000 units a year, we are the world’s largest producer of slew drives and worm drive reducers.

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A Solar Star

We’re also the number-one provider of slew drives to the Utility-Scale Solar tracker market — a market that’s projected to double in the next five years. KMI serves the majority of top solar OEMs. For many of those companies, we are the sole supplier. With the industry’s longest warranties and a 30-year performance assurance on our solar-tracking drives, it’s easy to see why.

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Think Like Engineers

When it comes to solving problems, we are relentless. Attuned to the industries we serve, KMI addresses needs with a multi-disciplinary approach to innovation. Then we test our solutions. At KMI Validation Labs, we expose our slew drives to the harshest operating conditions imaginable. This approach has allowed us to extend the service life of our products — predicting, and thus avoiding, failure.

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Global Reach and Presence

Our R&D capabilities stretch around the world, along with our manufacturing and supply chain resources. Our customers can confidently turn to us for both innovation and application expertise. A scalable, vertically integrated manufacturing facility in Jiangyin, China, and our assembly facility in Nogales, Mexico, provide cost-effective labor and a well-established supply chain.

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