Kinematics’ Exclusive Whitepaper Reveals Game-Changing Insights

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This whitepaper is a roadmap to transform the way we perceive and perceive solar tracking, with a focus on distributed generation (DG). Let’s dive into why this whitepaper is a must-read for anyone invested in the future of clean, efficient energy. 

Unveiling Solar Tracking’s Potential in Distributed Generation

Our whitepaper serves as a beacon, guiding industry professionals, developers, and enthusiasts through the untapped potential of solar tracking in distributed generation. The insights within are carefully crafted to spotlight the advantages of embracing solar trackers in projects up to 10 MW. 

Breaking Down Market Dynamics

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the solar photovoltaic market’s evolution, dissecting it into utility-scale and distributed generation segments. Discover why solar trackers have dominated large utility projects, capturing 94 percent of new installations in 2022, and why it’s time to redirect attention to the DG solar landscape. 

Navigating Industry Shifts 

Witness the pivotal moment where developers are urged to reevaluate their approach to solar tracking. The whitepaper outlines market shifts and developments, showcasing the potential for solar trackers in distributed generation. This isn’t just a forecast; it’s a call to action for developers to explore a new realm of possibilities. 

Kinematics’ Expertise Unleashed 

Explore the whitepaper for an in-depth look at Kinematics’ engineering prowess, spanning three decades of experience in delivering motion control solutions. Discover how Kinematics ONE, our groundbreaking all-in-one controller and actuator solution, is set to simplify the integration of solar tracking for companies transitioning from fixed tilt to trackers. 

Financial Incentives and Growth Projections 

Delve into the financial advantages awaiting developers as we navigate the post-2022 landscape. The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) has created a playing field that incentivizes solar tracker deployment, potentially propelling the US past 40 GW in solar tracker installations by 2030. This whitepaper section is your compass to navigating a landscape ripe with opportunities. 

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Ready to embark on this journey? Access the full “The Advantages of Solar Tracking” whitepaper exclusively on Kinematics’ website. This isn’t just a whitepaper; it’s your key to unlocking the full potential of solar energy in distributed generation. 

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