Utility Scale Solar

Turning Confidently to a Brighter Tomorrow

When it comes to innovation, Kinematics is two steps ahead of the sun. We are the leader in designing, manufacturing, testing, validating and delivering advanced slew drive solutions for the solar tracker industry, meeting global demand in a brilliant way.

Single and Dual Axis Controlled Torque Solutions for Utility-Scale Solar

Largest deployed population of solar tracking slew drives in the world!

As sophisticated tracker systems have replaced static, ground-mounted systems globally, Utility Scale Solar energy has become increasingly viable. The industry has nearly doubled since 2015 and is expected to triple by 2025.

With the largest number of slew drives in operation worldwide—by far—KMI is at the forefront in helping to drive this exponential growth. Our solutions are proven, and reinforced by continuous testing and refining, reducing risk and costs for our customers while solidifying their confidence.

Industry-leading warranties. And deeply dedicated expertise.

Few other companies offer the expertise and reliability of KMI. Our slew drives come with best-in-class warranties, along with a responsive, dedicated service support team ready to help if there’s a problem. Our customers come first. Always.

Whether it’s relationships or slew drives, we’re built to provide lasting support, setting the highest standards for quality in everything we do. A leader with international reach, we have a history of evolving with the markets we serve and our customers’ roadmaps, strategically driving innovation in anticipation of need.


Bring on the sun.

We’re in a strong position, as public and political sentiment for renewable energy grows. In 2017, 30 percent of all new electric generating capacity brought online in the United States was from solar, ranking second only to natural gas. We are primed and proud to help drive this transformation.



Solutions for Utility-Scale Solar

A longtime leader in slew drive technology, we design, build, test, validate and deliver products that meet the quality and performance standards our customers demand while lowering their lifetime cost of ownership.

PV Tracker

Slew drives enable photovoltaic trackers to track the light from the sun to minimize the angle of incidence between the incoming light and the photovoltaic panels. This increases the amount of energy that can be produced from a fixed amount of installed power-generating panels.


Featuring a plane mirror that constantly reflects sunlight at a set target, a heliostat is a computer-controlled device that runs a latitude-longitude sequence to keep the mirror properly oriented toward the sun. It uses a dual axis slew drive that moves like a gimbal, keeping constant focus on the sun.

Solar Trough

A solar, or parabolic, trough is a large, curved mirror that follows the movement of the sun in concentrated solar power (CSP) plants. The slewing drive is mounted vertically on each row to rotate the trough and hold its weight. The mirror’s parabolic shape concentrates the solar power by reflecting an enormous amount of sunlight onto a single line.


In Concentrated Photovoltaics (CPVs), sunlight is concentrated through a lens onto high-efficiency solar cells, increasing the amount of electricity generated while minimizing required cell surface area. Because of the extreme accuracy required to focus on the CPVs, a Kinematics slew drive is ideal.

The World’s Best Slew Drives

This is where precision meets reliability. KMI slew drives are the result of years of continual innovation — such as our patented hourglass worm design — providing the Utility Scale Solar industry with tracking solutions that provide the lowest lifetime costs.